Collective Unconsciousness 7"

by S.H.I.T.

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"Sexual Humans In Turmoil (or our favorite: Skinheads In Tuxedos), more commonly known as S.H.I.T., debut with four urgently executed 100% uncommon hardcore punk tracks in the modern Toronto style. Collective Unconciousness speaks to a vast generation of sleeping strength and rusted mobility. It's time. Organize. Stand tall. Believe in your movement. Check your spelling.
Honest, important music gets made less frequently then it should and gets noticed even less. Don't be a dullard, wake up and smell the S.H.I.T."


released March 11, 2014

Recorded June 2013 by J. Falco
Art by Jaybo Gardner



all rights reserved
Track Name: Collective Unconsciousness
Clean hands, a quiet mind. Soft feet that tread the line. Smooth skin on the shackled wrist. A blind eye meets the clenched fist. Sedated society. Apathetic insanity. Sedated society. Catatonic reality.
Track Name: Masochism
Power is their pleasure and your pain is divine. Laws of leather clothe sadistic swine. Masochism is mass submission. Masochism is your condition. Power is their pleasure and your pain is divine. You carry the whip as it eats your hide. Masochism is mass submission. Masochism is your condition.
Track Name: Nobody Knows Anybody
Behind a wall of selfish illusion. Your reality is my hallucination. A rancid vision that's unattainable. I'm disconnected. Unavailable.
Track Name: The Stimulator
I need release. I need this strange disease. I need this obsession. I need to believe the compulsion. Infectious, craving, stimulation. I need to feel. I need desires unreal. I need a sensation. I need a chemical reaction. I am infectious, craving, stimulation.