Generation Shit 7"

by S.H.I.T.

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released June 24, 2014

Lengua Armada Discos LA-79
Recorded June 2013 by J. Falco
Art by Jaybo Gardner & Matthew Bellosi



all rights reserved
Track Name: Eraser II
Human error and mechanical precision
Murder simplified to binary decisions

Hello, my fellow man
Goodbye from a faraway land

Human terror, cold technology
God's own power at terminal velocity

Hello from the MGM Grand
A goodbye, buried in the sand

Hello, goodbye
Track Name: Fuck All
Oblivious ignorant conceit
Revel in the pride of those deceived
A pursuit of total control
Is indulgence in nothing at all

Oblivious incompetent belief
Fester in the pride of the naive
Confounded fiction controls
Confined in nothing at all

Fuck all,
The fool
Track Name: Mockery
It's total nonsense, it's arrogant fuckery
A crazed existence of complete absurdity
All for a taste of mediocrity
The masses surrender soul and anatomy
Grasping for a vision of sanity
Reducing life to a fucking mockery
Track Name: Generation Shit
This is the new age
They've built it with garbage
So the children can wade
Through a culture of sewage

They are the new waste
The disposable youth
A generation of shit
No future for you

Napalm the kids